Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday Art - Horchow...

Here are a few great pieces Horchow is carrying right now. I just love this site, everything is always so rich and yummy. It is great eye-candy...especially when you are looking to be inspired! I love the wood panels and the giant hooks on top
(top is $1090.00 and bottom is $1195.00) and these just feel clean and elegant.
($650 each)

Now their art is amazing, but as you can see a bit pricey. Take these tapestries for instance,

Now I know they are beautiful and the later one is on hand-stitched leather - they are also $900 for the top and $600 for the other. Now compared to this that my Mom and I created: This cost us around $70 (excluding the rod and tassels - although they came from Tuesday Mornings) AND the stencil was $40 of the $70.
Yes it is on canvas (and I will admit there is a little bit of glue involved - no hand-stitching here), but from a distance...

And these lovely balloons are super fabulous at $199...

But these babies in our playroom I purchased at Ross awhile back and I think they were like $16.99 for the set!

So it does go to show that great art, doesn't have to be expensive and you can create it yourself! But I do want to make sure I am not taking away any of the beauty of Horchow, because I do really enjoy crusin' those fabulous pages. Sometimes all you need is a little inspiration!


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I love looking at Horchow's stuff too, but it is out of my price range. Love that you found the balloon art for less. I like to try and find or make something for less and usually you can get the feeling of what it was that really grabbed you.

Infarrantly Creative said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love those little cute. I love that you found them for $16.99...even cuter.

Anonymous said...

I love the tapestry!! Love Horchow, but the prices are out of my budget?
You did a great job with the tapestry, the colors are my favorite & wood work great in my dining room. Could give me instructions so I could re-create for my home? Nice work.


Thanks for visiting me and leaving a comment. The tapestry is just wonderful. It looks like you have a real "shopping gift". Don't you just love it when you find deals like that. Have a great week.


Anonymous said...

Csn you tell me where you got the stencil to make your "tapestry" or instructions on how to make it? It's beautiful.

Room to Inspire said...

Okay I apologize for the late response, but I had a tough time finding the stencil company - Royal Design Studio -

or search under ceiling motif stencils. I will try and post about how to create the "tapestry" it was very fun.

Thanks for all the comments!


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