Thursday, September 10, 2009

Anna's House...Part 1

We had a great dinner at our friends house this past Labor Day weekend. I luckily had my camera and took a few shots of their beautiful home to share with you...check out all of the amazing molding!

I love all of the details...
And I fell in love with all of their lights...(I can't wait to show you the kitchen chandeliers!) you see that crazy large molding?

And their wine/butlers pantry makes we want to enjoy a little vino...
Stay tuned for part 2!


Kathy said...

Thank your friends for the great tour!!! Loved it, xoxo~Kathy@ Sweet Up-North Mornings... said...

WOW is that a beautiful home!
I love the moldings!
And that wine bar is awesome and I don't even drink wine! LOL
Have a great weekend

Michelle said...

Yes, your friend's home is absolutely beautiful...thanks for sharing!

Enjoy your weekend!
~Michelle :)
(Treasure the Moment)

Gayle@Mountain Moma said...

Oh how pretty, I do love the molding. Thanks for the visit to my blog, I adore all your wonderful ideas on your blog!


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