Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Art: The School of Athens...

(this is a photo we took on our trip to Italy in 04!)

This is my husband's favorite! It is is an entire wall in the Vatican. Each wall in this room has a different theme of Knowledge. This wall is "philosophy" and all of the major philosophers of the time are depicted in this painting. The two figures in the center are Plato and Aristotle. There are another 19 philosophers portrayed, although the exact identities are controversial among most scholars.

The School of Athens, or Scuola di Atene in Italian, is one of the most famous paintings by the Italian Renissance artist Raphael. It was painted between 1510 and 1511 as a part of Raphael's commission to decorate with frescoes the rooms now known as the Stanze di Raffaello, in the Apostolic Palace in the Vatican. The Stanza Della Segnatura was the first of the rooms to be decorated, and The School of Athens the second painting to be finished there, after La Disputa, on the opposite wall. The picture has long been seen as "Raphael's masterpiece and the perfect embodiment of the classical spirit of the High Renaissance."

top photo and bottom description come from here

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