Monday, August 3, 2009

Cabinet Glazing - First Try...

So about a week ago (pre-heat wave) I attempted to "glaze" the back of one of our bathroom cabinets as a test...and it looks exactly the same.

Update: I did originally try to glaze the inside edge as a test as well to no avail, but Melaine at My Sweet Savannah has also suggested brown paint. So, I will try to allow the Sherwood to set longer, even sand the edges a bit first and give the brown paint a try. Sure glad this is the inside of a cabinet from our upstairs guest bathroom that never gets used!

But don't fear, I am not giving up. I will definitely try the Sherwood again...although due to the current heat wave in the Northwest, I am waiting until it is a bit cooler - in my experience hot weather and glaze don't mix very well. If anyone has any great ideas, please shoot them my way.


Melaine Thompson said...

what is it exactly that you are trying to do? :)

Room to Inspire said...

I want to give our cabinets a "new" look with an inexpensive approach. The Sherwood product is designed to be applied over sealed or painted wood to accent, highlight, or provide uniform I thought great I will give it a shot! But so far, no luck...Our cabinets are about 4 years old and are the "builders" light maple color...they just need a little "pick-me-up" :)

Anonymous said...

I know it will be a pain, but the best way to really make them look new is to strip them and sand them down. Then apply a stain in your favorite color. Good luck!

I just put up a NEW POST on my Blog! If you have a chance, come by and say hi!

Have a great week,

Melaine Thompson said...

Can't you just rub a stain into the corners, let it set a couple minutes and rub off the extra? It's what I did on mine and it worked great! Hard to tell by just seeing a pic. though, and I don't know if that is really what you are looking for. You could even use straight brown paint, (or watered down a little) apply it with a rag or foam brush and wipe off the excess?! Just a couple thoughts! You coming out to our garage sale? Love your $8.00 vignette!

Angie said...

I've never tried that product before. I've always lightly sanded and then applied a glaze.

Janelle said...

Here is alink on how to use the plyshades by Minwax . But when I did it, I sanded, wiped clean, and used a white foam roller to roll on a thin coat on the flat surfaces and then used one of those flat white fuzzy paint trimmer things to glide over it to get out the bubbles. The guy at Lowes helped me out. Good luck!

Janelle said...

the link go tcut off , I will try it one more time :)


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