Thursday, May 24, 2012

Simple Entertaining with Rustic Touch ~

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Do you ear mark your magazines, rip out the pages and then create a lofty stack of miscellaneous ideas? Well I am victim to the ginormous stack and decided it was time to go through and "Pin" some of the great ideas.

Here is one that I recently Pinned and has me inspired!
It was an article from Martha Stewart on a tasting party at New York City's Pasanella and Son Vintners. 

I simply fell in love with the simple, rustic display. 
Having the food grouped and piled together really makes a statement.
Here more is more
The Tiered display pieces lined in parchment paper are perfect.

The shop owner Marco Pasanella explains his secrets to entertaining - "It's all about abundance. Abundance means ease and enjoyment. There's just a certain kind of pleasure in bounty."

I am envisioning a great glass of wine, yummy eats and great friends! 


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