Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Yes, Still More Bunny Love ~

Easter | Holiday Inspiration

Well up today is Radish Bunny, Mr. McGregor's Bunny and Playful Bunny.

Up first, Red Radish Bunny:

I saw these at the store, and instantly had to have them. Yes, I do enjoy radishes, but the bright colors made me feel Spring! I think this would be so great in big bunches down the center of the table. 

Here is our bunny straight from Mr. McGregor's Garden:

Who can resist carrots and bunnies? I mean really!

And last up, Playful Bunny:

This bunny just makes me want to sit at the kids table! The fun cheerful pastel eggs make me want to go and dye eggs. 

Okay, that is 9, just one more...


Sheila said...

I love all the bunny themes! So cute. Where did you get the bunny? Thanks.

Humble Bee said...

One of my daughter's bedroom is Peter Rabbit so I am swooning over the carrots and radishes most. Then I really like the one with the nest and sticks. Au natural.
What a great catch!


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