Thursday, April 7, 2011

PW Lasagna ~

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I seem to be posting a lot of recipes lately - more than I ever thought I would before. 

I must say, that I recently made a pledge to myself - and more importantly to you - that I won't post something just to post something. And well lately, I have either been crazy busy or simply less inspired - except for when it comes to food! I can't quite explain it, maybe it is because my creative juices don't seem to be flowing as rapid as normal, maybe it is due to more family time, or simply just something different. For whatever reason, I have another recipe for you!

Last night I tired the Pioneer Woman's Lasagna. I made a few very inconsequential changes - simply because of what I had on hand (fresh basil and freshly grated parm) - and it was good!

It was not my Mom's lasagna (you know the kind that at first bite, nastalgia and comfort instantly set in?), but a welcome change and it was well received - especially from the hubby and my daughter - they ate it up! It was just a smidge salty, which could have been due to the sausage I used, so in the future I would omit the added salt. And no, you would never taste the cottage cheese!

I of course served it with a loaf of crusty warm bread and a blue cheese salad (I love it when a little bit of the cool blue cheese dressing makes its way to a little bit of the warm lasagna)!

Be sure to check out the recipe here.


brlracincwgrl said...

Yum! I love Pioneer Woman!

Lilliedale said...
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Lilliedale said...

I don't think you should feel badly about posting mostly recipes, I go through phases too. It's a creative blog about your creative life, no matter what you are creating, I know that's why I like your blog. Plus you always post the yummiest recipes! ~ Merrilee


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