Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Raspberry Galette ~

I thought I would let you know I tried the Strawberry Galette recipe with raspberries - and it was super yummy!

I used the same recipe found here, and simply substituted raspberries for the strawberries.

I have made this several times since the last post, this is such a great Summer dessert. And it is so easy - seriously, super easy!

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Anne Marie said...

I'll be the first to tell you here that looks perfectly delicious!! some of the best foods are simple and fresh no?

Anne Marie

Moore Minutes said...

Your photos look so professional...love them! What one did you like better, strawberry or raspberry?

Tammy @ tinselshop.com said...

Raspberries sound yummy! This looks absolutely delicious!

Best wishes,

Heidi said...

wow, that looks so good, and easy!

kathi @ traybella said...

oh my this looks so yummy!
also, keep the table!! i think it looks beautiful...you worked so hard on it. ;)

Carolyn @ My Backyard Eden said...

That looks delicious. We had a bumper crop of raspberries this year, but they're all frozen now. I wonder if this would work with frozen berries, or it it would end up being too wet?


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