Thursday, January 5, 2012

Making Me Smile ~

Here is what is making me smile today...

Brilliant yellow tulips -

with lovely green foliage, placed on a tarnished silver tray -

with the fabulous-ness of my new favorite candle (Voluspa Muscari) -


What is making you smile today?


Linda said...

My Morenci Candle! And the smell of chicken cooking for our Gordito Mexican lunch!

Amy said...

The fact that tomorrow is Friday! (and I can wear jeans to work!)

Anonymous said...

A beautiful sunrise, clear blue skies and the thought of high temps in the 60s today. And my Hubs is coming home from TX today.

maggie@septemberrust said...

I am loving sitting quietly and enjoying all the lovely pictures in blog land , all I need is a warm cup of tea and I would be super smiley!

Anonymous said...

love those tulips! this post makes me smile. :)

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

Hello Chelsea~Your Tulips give me hope for an early spring. Until then I'll enjoy my candle scents of mint chocolate and pumpkin spice, I stocked up at the Bath & Body Works after Christmas sale.

I hope you can stop by to see the Valentine surprises I've got in stored. This week starting with...Pain au Chocolat with a Valentine twist. I'll put the kettle on for a nice cup of tea.
Sweet wishes,

Nina @ Atir Inspired Decor~AID said...

I love your blog~I love how you mention your mother so lovingly! I have also enjoyed some of the pictures you have posted throughout your blog & I look forward to seeing news ones in future. Blessings~

Brittany Seiber said...

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