Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Power of Paint ~

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I have been wanting to paint our bar stools for some time, but kept thinking to do it right I should strip and sand and paint and blah and blah...but I got the itch to spray paint them after this post from Beth at Home Stories A2Z. Yes, she did sand them first...and yes that is probably the proper way to do it...but I, well, didn't. 

I did however prime them first with Zinsser primer (oh, I love you) and then sprayed them with Rustoleum Black in Semi-gloss. 

They are SOOOO much better. And the fabric (newly reupholstered) looks like different fabric. And when I say "different" I mean "better".

We had the problem of our floors, cabinets and bar stools all matched making our kitchen a see of orange - lovely

Now there is a spot for your eyes to take a mini break.

Oh, and I did a little sanding/staining to distress them a bit. One it looks good and two it will help mask the distressing that will happen from my darling kiddos.

So if you are thinking of painting something or yours...just go do it!


ANNE said...
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ANNE said...

Oh how I love BLACK!! I've been using black paint for projects lately and it always looks so awesome. Great job!!

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Your barstools are gorgeous and the black is beautiful. I love the look. Hugs, Marty

Beth said...

They look fantastic girl! Love the contrast. Thanks for the shout out ;).

Charity Donovan said...

They look GREAT!! Nice job!

Erica said...

Your barstools are gorgeous! Love the contrast.

Mr. Martial Arts


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