Friday, July 22, 2011

Dundee Marmalade Pot Love ~

I recently found this beauty at Goodwill...

And I am smitten! I simply love the contrast of the cream pot and the black distressed lettering. And I am convinced these fabulous pots look great holding anything -

or simply on their own.

images: 1&2, 3., 4., 5. flickr.jpg, 6., 7., 8.,

I will be keeping an eye out for more of these lovely little pots! 
Do you happen to have a Dundee pot? How do you like to display yours?

Have a fabulous weekend!


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Great find, Chelsea! I love the black and white of it, too. It fits in everywhere and I love the examples you've shown.

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said... You found one at the Goodwill!! I have been looking at them on Ebay and Etsy for quite awhile. It bugs me that the shipping costs doubles the price. I'm really hoping I can find one in an antique store or somewhere. Congrats on your beautiful find!!

The Pineapple Room said...

Great find!!! I keep hoping to find one in my travels too...they are just so pretty! I love the flowers displayed in them...or the silverware...yes you are right they look great with anything!

KM Studios said...

WOnderful find - & yes it looks great with anything in it for sure!!!

The Creative Bohemian said...

I love the old black on white pottery! It is so vintage yet still looks so fresh! Awesome find!

mercy said...

Great find so vintage looking, I will be in search to see if I can find one for myself. Lucky girl!

Manor Ridge Musings said...

ohmygosh....I have one of these and I just LOVE it, we are currently redoing our kitchen (and by currently I mean we have NO kitchen right now - big ole bare room) my husband and child think I'm nuts, I gutted our dark outdated cherrywood kitchen and am putting in cream kitchen, and this jar, which I found when I cleaned out my Grandmothers house a few years ago is the "inspiration" for the kitchen reno...I have been looking for more but only have my 1 jar....I was so excite to see your post I called my hubs into the room and said "see, I am not crazy others love this jar too" he thinks we are all mad........thanks for the post - love your blog!


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