Thursday, June 2, 2011

Upcycled Bottle ~

DIY Upcycling | Inspiration

My darling hubby was sad when we ran out of one of his favorite balsamic vinegars last night, but I was delighted! As I was about to recycle the bottle, I realized...I could "upcycle" that baby! I have been working on a few bottles for an upcoming show, so I had bottles on my mind.

Here is the before:

And after a little cleaning.

Are you ready???

Amazing right? Oh, and I am lovin' that fabulous lion.

And then I pulled out a few "pieces" from my ever-growing stash. 

The options are endless.

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Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

That turned out really pretty, Chelsea! It's great that the bottle has that frosted look already. Love the key and the bling around the neck!

Judy Beeksma said...

Lovin it...I am inspired!!!

Krista@RustikChic said...

Beautiful! You are amazing, as usual:)

Okie Chic said...

Soooo cute love it!

Rhiannon said...

this is so sweet! love it

Sarah said...

Wow! Fabulous! I want one!

Sarah said...

Wow! Fabulous! I want one!

Amanda said...

Awesome, it's amazng what we can do when we look beyond its use and can see something beautiful!

Anonymous said...

what an easy thing with big impact...never would have thought of it. thanks for sharing.

Jilly said...

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